This I Believe

Karla Janeth - Beaverton, Oregon
Entered on September 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, setbacks

We all learn from our mistakes, we do things without thinking right, without going through and analyzing, Who we hurt? Who will we hurt? What happens? Or what will happen? All these little things matter, there important. Don’t just think about yourself.

I learned from my mistakes, and very well, and I can still say there’s more things I’m still learning from every little mistake.

I regret leaving my mom, I regret leaving her the way I did, I wanted to leave, I hated it, I hated everything, I wanted to be free, that’s it. I love my mom, she’s the best, no matter what happens she’ll always be in my heart. My mom’s beautiful, funny, and looks way better than I do, everyone who sees her think she’s my sister. at first it would make me feel mad because I felt old compared to my mom, but now I actually like it, it makes me feel good. My mom isn’t twenty years old, she’s thirty-five, but definitely looks like twenty, and she’s the best person to go shopping with. “Go” and you wont regret it.

Everything started on February 17, 2007, when I left home, it was snowing, it was cold, I didn’t even think about the consequences or about anything, all I wanted and knew was that I wanted to be free and live with my friends. I left, my mom was mad really mad and sad at the same time, all she said was “Go, but don’t come back, your not welcome here anymore, and you won’t be able to see the kids anymore”. In a way I knew she didn’t mean it, I knew she was mad and upset , because of what I’ve done, or was about to do. I still left I didn’t listen, I went to live with some friends I knew, and was there for almost two month’s, I didn’t talk to my mom, only my dad and my brother and the only things they would ask me and tell me was to go back home and to take care of myself.

I felt like I didn’t need anyone, I worked, I had money, I could pay rent between my friends and I, and I could go shopping and anywhere I wanted. But what about my mom, I couldn’t pay that, there was no price for that or for what I did. I wanted my mom and my whole family back, but I wasn’t sure of going back home.

I finally went home, like three month’s later, I got there and saw my mom laying on the floor, crying and looking at one of my pictures, I started crying, I couldn’t handle myself, I hugged her, kissed her, and said sorry and she responded back the same way. We both knew we were waiting for that moment. We talked and talked and we finally agreed that I was going to stay with my friends for a couple more month’s and then move right back with my family, and it worked out perfect, for the moment I would visit my mom everyday, we would go everywhere together, we were the best friends.

I learned a very good lesson, “My mistakes”. I regret leaving my mom the way I did knowing that all she wanted was the best for me. I recommend everyone to listen, think, and learn, before doing something you’ll regret later, like me, but never forget, we all learn from our mistakes.