This I Believe

Shawn - Hillsboro, Oregon
Entered on September 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

Many of the choices I make confound and anger people, who then punish me for the choice I made. Why I make these choices sometimes confuses even me. More than the consequence that comes with the choice, I despise the judging, that people do on myself and others. From this hate I have made a simple rule for myself, do not judge another person no matter how grave or foolhardy I think their choice is. This belief was put to an extreme testing in my highschool years, but to this day I still follow this belief.

I’m sure if my parents knew how my friends acted or what they did, I am sure all of them would tell me I’m never allowed to see them again. Despite this I will continue to trust my friends, while the choices they make for themselves are not the best, it is theirs to make.

My friend Robert has recently gotten back together with his ex, this not all too surprising, its not the first time they have gotten back together. This I have no problem with, if they make each other happy its fine by me. What I do not like is what they do when together, there is of course the sex that bothers me, but its also the drugs. They don’t do anything serious, usually alcohol and marijuana. Still I am willing to defend them to anyone, I am far from perfect and I cant even begin to judge them for what they do.

I of course have been preached and told all about the bad things that come with having sex and doing drugs, and have yet to do either. At a pretty young age I decided that I would not do any drugs, this includes alcohol. I saw what alcohol did to my brothers, and this is a legal substance. I can not even fathom what an illegal substance would do.

You remember Robert right? The girl he is getting back with is Samantha and she has a best friend that I met through Samantha, and sense then have also become good friends. She this last year made the decision to drop out from highschool and to me this is one of the most foolish mistakes a person can make. Still I think no less of her, she made her decision and she had her reasons, who am I to judge her?

Im a religious person to an extent, and have done a little reading from the bible, one thing that has always stuck to me is a quote from Jesus “Let he who has no sins cast the first stone.”. This embody’s what I believe in, no one is perfect we all make mistakes and until you are perfect don’t even try to judge people.