This I Believe

Junior - Portland, Oregon
Entered on September 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

While the aim is for perfection, closer inspection makes it clear that no matter how great the effort, perfection is not near. Our solar system’s planets orbit our sun. Yet their orbits are not perfect circles. If something as great as our solar system cannot be perfect then why does our own search for it continue? In reality, perfection is what keeps life anew. Perfection is motivation, it is also a desire. This desire is what leads many to success and aim higher. By choosing to make perfection a goal, a commitment is made. A commitment that states that no matter what, the only way one will go is up. As perfection is neared, and we nearly reach the top, the bar is raised and the chase is on again.

Then why is the belief that perfection is reachable so believed in society today? I can’t think of any example where this true, an example where something or someone is truly perfect. Perfection is believed to exist. But examples of this do not seem to exist, at least not among us here on earth. Every day I hear the word perfection mentioned. One day it could be something like “that shirt is perfect” or “those shoes are flawless” usually the usual superficial stuff. But these are objects, can objects be perfect? My response would be no. By tomorrow someone else’s shirt or shoes will be perfect, products are constantly being improved this means they cannot be perfect. Yesterday’s perfection is no longer perfect. This applies to every other situation in which perfection is believed to exist.

It’s not that perfection cannot exist it’s that perfection cannot exist in our universe, which does mean that it can’t exist. As perfection appears and comes near it soon disappears because the definition has changed. The chase is then on again to track down perfection.

I remember many times when I wished I was perfect; I wished I could be the best student, the best person on earth. As expected this is just not possible. Because competition is so great, so much so that no matter what I accomplish. Someone else will better it. It’s like climbing 3,000 steps and thinking you are at the top, only to realize there are a billion more to climb. Perfection is much more than a word; it’s a goal that we can never reach, each day it motivates us to continue trying. In my life I feel this has helped me a great deal. It has made me feel stronger as a human being, I can accept my mistakes, and always try to do better than the day before. All this due to my constant search for the elusive perfection, something that I know I can’t reach but I know that in looking to be better, the world is a better place to live in.