This I Believe

chad - portland, Oregon
Entered on September 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18


Family and friends are the most important possesion that anyone can have. More important than any material possesion that anyone can ever obtain including houses,cars,money, etc. Friends can either make you or break you. When i was a little younger i hung out with some not so great people. they were into drinking, smoking, partying, you name it and they would do it. When i was around them i was probably the most unhappy person i knew besides my so called “friends.”

when i finally got smart enough to realize what a mess i was and where my life was headed. I made a consious decision to slowly but surely become furthur and furthur from my “friends”.

That change has been the best change in my life so far. I’m a happier person who actually smiles, and i love it. Most of my “friends” dropped out of school and lead a life of crime and sorrow. I’ve taked to them off and on the past couple of years and i have come to find out that most of them are either in prison, on there way to prison, or have been killed.

the moment i stopped associating with them i realized how much happier my life would and could be. About a month or two after i was no longer associated with my “friends” I talked to my mom and she said that she could really tell that i am a fuller person. “Full of happiness,” she said. I’m saying this because those lives that were lost were needlessly lost and could have been avoided if they just payed attention to there lives. So choose your friends wisely and make sure that they are people that you want to have around you, make sure that they will make you happy instead of bringing you down.

people always ask me if i feel resposible for the deaths of my “friends.” When they ask me that question i say to them. “I am not responsible for any of there deaths, What they did was their own decisions”, did i tell them to stop? people ask, “too many times to count”.

When i was going through my struggles of finding new friends and getting a new life, My family was my best supporters. They comforted me with the promise that even though i had made mistakes in my life, that the past is past and and it will stay there. They gave me hope when in my life there was no such thing, They stood by my side when i was at my lowest, They never stopped caring,loving, or trying.Tto this day my family still loves me.

When i think back to how i was and how i am today, i am so grateful that i have family and friends that were willing to stay with me and help me through anything. If i didn’t have family or friends than i don’t know where i would be today. perhaps would be in jail, in a gang, or even dead. my friends now bring out so much life in me that i can’t help but always have a smile on my face now, even when i’m sad.

so in ending this statement i want so say be good to yourself,

Family and Friends, this is what i believe.