This I Believe

pablo - hillsboro, Oregon
Entered on September 20, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that clicks are helpless

I believe that clicks are a helpless thing to do be involved in; I believe that clicks are a helpless way to live.

I’m in high school for 4 years and all I seen is people trying to “fit in” into a group of people into a comfort zone with people and just to try to feel wanted for ones, with out knowing it becomes a comfort zone that it doesn’t let people to get in except the people that is around you people like you. Is a battle that most of the student go trough the battle of try to ‘fit in’ ant the funny thing is that student decide to go trough that fight which I said before that is helpless.

I believe that clicks are something that changes a life, change the way to live a life, clicks are something that traps you in and sooner or later you see that you’re not the same or a different person, but no many people get to understand how they change.

My sophomore year I got involve with a group of people that I would be with 24/7 all day sometimes doing nothing but hanging out, don’t know why don’t know when but I got to the point that I got tired of seen the same faces and having the same problems it got to a point that I got so tired of it that I understood, that wasn’t me that’s some one else not me so I stop hanging out with that people and I know now that it wasn’t my life it wasn’t me, this group it change the way I lived it change my daily things and even people told me why did u change so much, my parents told me to I was changing I was really changing and let me tell you why because you turn into who you’re hanging out with I did, there is something that we say in Spanish were I come from: tell me who you hang out with and I told you who you are.

Well I give you my reasons why not to be in a click I give you my believes, and that’s why I believe that clicks are a waist off time but what do you believe?