This I Believe

Melissa - Charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on September 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

The universal concept of “death” is viewed as a dark abstraction to many. Its allusion sends a flood of fear flowing through the bodies of endless people in all parts of the world. It’s one of those notions that are so frightening to comprehend, that I’ve lived my life trying to shy away from it. I’ve always done all in my power to prevent it. I was a mother not wanting to let my young child into the real world. I’ve tried to hold on so tight to this world of emotions; the only world I’ve ever known.

As I’ve walked the pathways of life, I’ve begun to look inside my mind and inquired of myself what I really believe. Growing up I’ve always gone to the church my parents go to and always done things the way my parents do them. Eventually, I was sick of living life as a clone of my parents. I wanted to know things for myself. I actually wanted to believe what I believe, not just what my parents have repetitively told me.

Some of the first questions I began to meditate are the four most conventional. Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? To some, these are the most troubling and incomprehensible concepts to even ponder on. Up until a few years previous to now, when I thought of my awaiting death, I would puzzle at the thought of the end of my life. Could it really be the end of everything? Would all these years of learning and growing abruptly terminate to no purpose? In the back of my mind I surely knew that there had to be more.

I grew up attending church weekly where they taught me all about my salvation; the “Plan of Happiness” as it was widely referred. But how could death be happy? But then the answer seemed quite simple. I read the Bible. I study my scriptures on a usually daily basis which contain many references that pertain to our mysterious afterlife. Through this ongoing study and prayers to my father above, I have come to affirm that there is something beyond this life on earth. I now firmly believe that there is life after death. Death is a key component to a much greater cause. When I pass through the veil I can feel the peace and happiness I deserve. I get the chance to live with my Heavenly Father once again! If I don’t know what happiness is, that has got to be pretty darn close to it! I don’t see why humanity isn’t ecstatically awaiting its dying day; in my opinion, it’s the best thing anyone could ever ask for.