This I Believe

Michael - Charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on September 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

At my present age in my life I’m not sure about completely devoting myself to a certain religion. I have not been educated enough in religion to say that I believe it all. But what I do believe right now is that there is one God who loves us all equally.

We believe in religion because we have to abide by the rules it gives us to make our lives meaningful. I think every person on Earth I has to have been confused about the religion they were brought up with. All of them are incomplete in that they can’t explain every detail of our lives. I have been a regularly practicing Roman Catholic my whole life and I feel the stories don’t relate enough to my life today; I do feel that in a way these stories help guide me but ultimately God is the one to follow.

I have an infinite amount of thanks for the life that I was given. Every moment should be appreciated. I have the ability to experience every event set forth for me by my Creator. This gives my life enough meaning to complete it and make my presence here a contribution to advancing the human race. I believe every life is not something to be put to waste and should be valued by the people around it. God has given all sorts of gifts and they must be respected and cherished by all people.

Belief in a God makes me feel like it’s alright that I don’t know all things. God is supposedly completely omniscient and knows all that will happen to me in the future. My belief makes me not fear death for He has a plan and I don’t have much control over it. I wasn’t the one who chose for me to have life so I don’t even feel I fully deserve it which makes me respect my life even more. I was not created by my own power. It was in His will that I was put on this Earth.

“It’s as though we are co-conspirators of consciousness–everyone, everywhere, everywhen, mixing up our openable minds. It’s as though we could gather clouds in the sky and people into our lives. Like an eruption of consciousness, we discover the most important force is love. Experience yourself as the Source and appreciate every moment as perfection. Sunrise–Sunset. Thank you, Thank you, Creator, profound unstoppable connectedness of all beings, pattern to everything, most radical no-thing, the Vast Expanse.” -Alex Grey, August 22, 1994