This I Believe

Jae - irvine/ca/92603, California
Entered on September 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

This I believe in self motivation, dedication, and trusting myself and others. I believe in that mankind should be able to do whatever they would wish to do in life. People being forced to do things are usually the ones whom dislike there life of working to make money.

I, myself a student in high school, play golf as a sport. I love the game of golf, especially when I get the chance to go to the field. When I do go in the morning, I can smell the fresh cut grass and the cold morning fog around me. It is very tempting for me to play golf sometimes in the day, because the hot temperature. It annoys me a lot playing in the hot sun. Because of the hot temperature, I do not even practice playing golf at the range when I should be playing. I do realize that golf is the hardest sport in the world, which makes it pretty boring, because the concentration and the quietness of the sport. When I play on the range for practice, I get frustrated at certain times when I can not get a perfect hit. This all changed after I have been focusing on my attempt to make the team for my school team. I practiced everyday no matter what happens, and I also continued my lessons with a PGA licensed coach. The more I played, the more I started to begin hitting better and making better scores on the field. I always felt that golf was an easy game, since my hitting skills were excellent, but on the field it is a different story. I realized that golf is not also the hardest game but a game that the players should be honest about there scores. Golf is the only sport with no referees to see if the player did a wrong move. The rules of golf showed me how to be honest. Nowadays, I feel the need to actually score myself correctly or else I do not feel fair until the fair score is done. Golf is a great game to learn and show self motivation and dedication that you can let others trust you. I learned a lot of thing from the game of golf from my young childhood to my adult teenage hood. I will not stop playing the game and I will continue playing the game until the day I die.