This I Believe

Ginger - Portland, Oregon
Entered on September 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

This I Believe Essay

I believe that hard work really does pay off in the end. The harder you work towards something the better the reward will be. In my life this has been a true statement pretty much in everything I have done. This summer I put it to the test. My summer in Drum Corps was a test of my physical and mental strength. The more hard work I put into that activity, the bigger the reward was at the end of the summer.

The meaning of hard work is pushing your limits to the max to make your self the best you can be. I came to a point this summer where I thought that I was going no where and everything I was doing just wasn’t helping the cause of the activities. I always had instructors down my back yelling “Ginger keep your horn up!!” “Do Better!” “Suck less!”, and I wanted to give up but I reached a point where I wanted to prove them wrong and help the group achieve a higher score so we could make our way to the top.

I worked my butt off, I ran extra laps with my baritone, I spent my dinner breaks working on marching technique, and never gave up. Eventually it paid off. We were in Denver, Colorado and it was 100 degrees and it was hard to breath being up so high in elevation. We were having rehearsal running laps and doing countless run through’s of our show. I was having a very hard time. I was tired and un willing to keep going, but it was the day of our show a time to prove to myself and everyone else that all the hard work would pay off. We went to the stadium and we perform our show with the highest level of energy and do an amazing job. I had a amazing show where I was complemented and taken out for a celebration dinner, We ended up winning that competition having an amazing show and me doing my best I was so proud of myself, and learned that hard work really will pay off in the end, and it really has it’s true rewards.