This I Believe

lloyd - Seattle,Wa 98119, Washington
Entered on September 19, 2007
Age Group: 65+

In my teens I came to the belief that without regard for any physical, mental, emotional or financial limitations , I could do anything I wanted to if I only studied and worked hard enough.

I came to this resolute belief because of three primary influences–my religious studies, my parents unflagging encouragement and a fierce unreasoning pride.

As a child I was referred to as the “runt of the litter”. Too small, too weak, too slow to be an athelete.I was “too poor” to go to college. I stuttered “too badly to become a lawyer”

However my eighth grade teacher , Miss Henderson,chose me to give the speech at our graduation dinner.I suceeded without stuttering once.

All this time my parents helped me to understand the parable of the “talents”,to look inward , discover and develope those talents, to know myself and to be true to myself.

I learned early on that I am no genius; but I also learned that if I studied harder,I could learn more.As a lawyer I learned that if I was better prepared than the other guy ,I could win. I hate to lose.

The third factor influencing what I believe are my religios studies.

I believe I am born a child of God with a spark of Divinity and an immortal soul.