“A Little Help Goes a Long Way”

Bethany - Portland, Oregon
Entered on September 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18


            To offer a helping hand is to embrace the community. To change a persons life forever, is a way of giving back what you have received. To help a person realize what the future may hold for them, opens up a world of opportunities. It is possible to change someone’s habits for the better by helping them. There are people that come into our lives not knowing what direction their life is headed. These people need encouragement and guidance. Therefore, I believe in helping others.

            It was in History class of my junior year when I first laid eyes on “the new kid.” He sat there with an angry look on his face, obviously not wanting to be there. I felt a tinge of intimidation fall over me, but there was still something about this boy that was intriguing. When I finally got the nerve to say a quick hello through e-mail, I was surprised to get a response. I quickly learned much about this boy as we kept sending e-mails back and forth. We eventually started hanging out. I came to realize that this boy reminded me of someone. Then it hit me. He reminded me of myself, all except for one thing, a thing that made us complete opposites. This was his lack of motivation.

            After hearing how much he had slacked off during his first two years of high school, I immediately elected myself his personal mentor. Being a straight “A” student school has always been easy for me, but I never truly realized how hard it can be for others. The more we hung out, the more he began to trust and confide in me. One day he told me that he wasn’t good enough for college. I will never forget that day as I cried and prayed for him that night.

            Life got harder for this boy and all I could do was be there for him. Between mom having cancer treatments and caring for little brother, he was a mess. His eyes were full of sadness, day after day. School wasn’t a priority for him at this time. I was his one close friend and he began to admire my kindness. We’d talk for hours about what was on his mind and how he was dealing. I would have never thought that ones life could be so stressful, especially a teenage boys. But I helped him through it. He overcame his fears and conquered his depression. His main struggle was school work, so for months I tutored him. It wasn’t easy, but with some guidance, he managed to received the best grades that he had ever gotten. Every now and then his life hits a road block, but he now knows how to motivate himself. This just proves that the little amount of help that you give someone, can go a long way. I believe in helping others.