This I Believe

Jocelyn - Nashville, Tennessee
Entered on September 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe in a feeling so strong that it can consume your entire being. I believe that this feeling can make or break you entirely. This is a feeling you could die for, this is no simple emotion or sensation. It is entirely different and in my opinion, the strongest of all possible feelings. I don’t think that this emotion comes from any hormone, neuron, or atom. It comes from an entirely different place, at least that’s where I feel it. I believe that love comes straight from the heart.

To love and be loved in return is an incredible gift. It is almost as if the pair of you share a soul. You can stare into each others eyes and know exactly what their thinking. Your bodies, like puzzle pieces fit together perfectly. There are no secrets, no lies, and no boundaries for love. Whether it be romantic, friendship, or familial, love has no limits.

Unfortunately, I know what it feels like to not be loved in return. I know what it feels like to care about someone so much that the thought of them runs chills down your spine. I have experienced rejection. Rejection from the one you love causes your insides to be twisted, turned, broken, and torn to the point where all that is left is a mangled corpse. Whenever they feel pain you feel it ten times worse. Knowing that you could be their perfect match does not make things easier. Hearing them speak of people who have broken their heart twists up your own heart to the point where it takes all the strength in the world to pump blood.

Just because this person may or may not feel the same way does not make the feeling any less real. I don’t think that love must always be mutual. Of course things work better when the feeling is mutual, but I don’t think it is impossible to love someone who does not love you. I guess you could say that’s what I believe in. I believe that love may exist no matter if it is reciprocated. I have first-hand experience with that matter. For two years now, I have been in love with my best friend. It is the most cliché, classic love. It’s hard to describe in words the feeling I get when I am around him, or the feeling I get when I am not around him.

This feeling that I so strongly believe in has started to tear a hole in my heart. As much as I believe in it, I cannot find any strength inside myself to let it be known. I’ve kept it concealed inside for so long that its starting to consume not only my heart but my entire being. This feeling, emotion, sensation is so strong that it has to be real. Love has filled up my entire body and soul and it will forever be suppressed there until I let it be known, this I believe.