This I Believe

Briana - Raleigh, North Carolina
Entered on September 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe I will never have a best friend, because you cant trust anyone. Everyone always ask me who is my best friend. Well to tell you the truth I don’t have best friends and I never will. A best friend is a true friend and to me no one in this world is true. The only person you can trust is the lord. No matter what you tell someone they are going to tell someone else. You can’t count on anyone but yourself. People may say they will do something but in the long run don’t. If the lord did not believe that you could not make it on your own he would have not put you on this earth. You are on this earth to live for him and yourself not for others. You need to be yourself and do what you feel is right, not what someone else feels. I always expected the worse out of my enemies when they said something about me it was nothing to me, I was use to it. But when I found out my “good friends” were talking about me it was harder to believe than anything. The only people you could ever trust have now turned into one of you enemies. From that day on I saw life as your enemies have the ability to hurt you, but your friends have the ability to destroy you. All I can do is ask “Lord please protect me from my friends, my enemies I can handle!”