Modest is Hottest

Stephanie - Altoona, Iowa
Entered on September 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: humility

Imagine someone flaunting down the street with their pay stub in hand telling anyone willing to listen how much money he/she received. Or, picture a female strutting down the hallway high heels clicking, mini skirt riding up, and cleavage spilling out of the low v-neck tank top adorning her skin. What runs through these people’s heads in the morning? I am a person who likes to dress in the morning, completely, and keep my finical matters to myself.

Attention seems to be the main reason why people show off more than they should. I do swim competitively for my school and I must perform, show off, how fast I can go. But, I do not go around school screaming my swimming times. I am proud of my abilities and ask my friends to come and watch. But, modesty is the key.

However, I can’t find modesty very often in my school hallways. I see people yelling at anyone and everyone who will listen about what they did last weekend or what they got on a test. Some times the test being flaunted is even a failing grade! Why would you want people to know how stupid you are? Then there are the girls who think everyday is a high stakes fashion competition, like America’s Next Top Model. They try and show their whole body, pushing the line of respectability, and usually failing. I used to think that to get a guy’s attention you had to do that, and I have been guilty myself on occasion.

But, new people came into my life and swimming made it take a 180-turn. I now understand that respectable attention feels better than hearing, “Oh my gosh look at what she is wearing today,” and “Look at all those colors in her hair!” One of the ways I learned this is from my boyfriend. He tells me that a large majority of girls he sees in his classes are all trying way too hard to look good. They put on too much make-up and not enough clothes. I barely wore any make-up when I met him and was constantly in my sweats because of swimming. Exhaustion takes over after practice and time and energy leave me; the last thing on my mind is how many layers of mascara I need to put on.

I believe modesty will get you farther in life and your chosen profession than flaunting everything you got. Most people want a good problem to solve. So if you want attention why not give those people you want attention from a problem to solve? Make them wonder why you are not being as loud and obnoxious as before. Instead of rubbing how much money you have in people’s faces go and put it into good use. Show them how much you donated to an organization instead of telling them about how much money you receive. Everyone wants respect, so why should I work more than I need to at not being myself when I can just be myself, and have people accept that I am not going to shove my chest into their face. Being modest leaves things to the imagination. Modesty can show so much without being physically exposed.