I Am On My Own

Yi - Iowa City, Iowa
Entered on September 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that I must stand up for myself in all situations because no one else will do it for me. Since I was a little kid, my parents always taught me to behave well and be kind to others to bring the best of me. I enjoy smiling and saying sweet things to others because I make them feel happy. It had been great; however, as I got older I realized that people, in America, were taking advantage of my politeness. They thought that I was easy to pick on. For me, my biggest problem was being shy to speak publicly to express myself. And honestly I didn’t really care of what they said about me because their mouths were belonging to them; it was not like I could put duck tapes on them mouths. But then I realized that I need to defense.

At the beginning of my sophomore year, I took the bus. I didn’t really mind riding it until I saw freshman girls behave poorly with a bad attitude. They talked really loud and disrespected other people who shard the bus with them. I had a feeling that I may get in trouble because of them. So I stayed away. Unfortunately, the nightmare came upon me. One day on the way home on the bus, it was nearly full. I ended up sitting next by one of the “mean” girls. I was really moody that day and they somehow picked on me. I had no idea why they did it. I think that they probably thought I didn’t speak English, since I was generally quiet on the bus, and was short. And the bus driver, of course, was not doing anything about it. And I wanted to keep things quiet and just let it go by avoiding them. Unfortunately, they didn’t want to. Every time I met them in the hall or on the bus, they just couldn’t stop pointing at and whispering about me. I had enough. I needed to prove them that I was not as weak as they thought. This is America; people have the rights to stand up for themselves.

The next day, I got the bus, looking directly into their eyes and looking away. Whenever, at school, I saw them walking down the hallway, instead of looking away, I stared at them as if they were ants in my eyes, while talking to my friends. My sudden-changed attitude more or less scared them a little. Gradually, they became the ones avoiding me. I remember one time, on the way to the bus stop, I saw one of the “mean” girls. As I walked pass her, she whispered “Oh, Shit!” At the moment, I knew that I’d won the battle proving them that I was not easy to be picked on.

It doesn’t matter where I am. I must stand up to defense myself to stay strong. Or else, others will continue picking on me.