This I Believe

Reid - north liberty, Iowa
Entered on September 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

People lead lives that can be summed up in one word. Boring. People go to school, work, and then retire. Few people can honestly look back at their lives and say “I had a good time, Ill die a happy person.”

The one time that the common person can just enjoy completely without hesitation is their childhood. When you’re a kid no one tells you, you need to have a proposal ready, a project due, or and essay to write. The most stressing decision could be what to get at Diary Queen. A four year old kid with no more than three dollars to their name could be more content with their life than any big shot Billionaire. The reason for that is solely based on the ability to be carefree.

The amount of time spent over worrying or working on homework, a job, etc, is ridiculous. Through elementary school we are being prepared for junior high. During junior high we are being prepared for high school, high school for college, college for our career, and so on until we end up retiring at sixty or seventy. So from third or fourth grade to our seniority we are being prepared for the next chapter of our lives. For sixty years we prepare for maybe a fifteen year period of time of childhood and retirement.

Life is too stressful for everyone. We have only so many years on this earth. I’m sure over 80% of that life is spent worrying or doing things that we don’t want to do. Life shouldn’t be dictated by work and worries. Life should be fun. So if you were asked to look back at your life and say if you had fun, what would your answer be?