This I Believe

Connor - 52240, Iowa
Entered on September 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I often see people relying on others to get things done for them and frown upon it. It often does not have futile consequences for them, but when it does, I do not show them any sympathy. Within the last few years, I have realized the necessity to do things yourself, and not to count on others to do things for you. From working in groups at school, to trying to advance yourself in the professional world, to playing sports, I cannot reiterate how crucial it is to oversee that everything you need done gets done, unless you have no means of getting the task done by yourself.

In athletics, you need to put time and hard-work into your sport, and you can’t rely on brakes from others to aide you along. You can’t have someone lift the weights for you and you can’t have someone not tackle you their hardest in practice. You have to anticipate the extreme consequence, and not stop working until you have fulfilled your goals.

When it comes to working in groups at school, it seems that you always get stuck with the people who don’t want to do anything. On the other hand, you can’t depend on the perfectionist to do all the work. In either case, if something doesn’t get done, the only person to blame is you.

With many things and people counting on others to get things done for them, it is crucial that you take as many responsibilities as possible on yourself in order to be assured that they will get done correctly.