This I Believe

jackie - pensacola, Florida
Entered on September 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, respect

This I Believe

Some people believe you have to have super speed or supervision to be a hero. This I do not believe. I believe you can be yourself and be a hero.

My Grandfather is my hero. He gave up the opportunity of a life time, he’s always been there for my sisters and me, he doesn’t change himself to fit the eyes of other people, and he is a great leader and role model for everyone.

My grandfather didn’t go to collage .He had the opportunity to. Yet he gave up his future for our country when he enlisted in the United States Air force in 1966. He gave up furthering his education so that his friends, family and strangers could live in a peaceful world. This I believe makes him a hero.

My grandfather did the greatest thing any child whose parent could not care for them could imagine. My grandfather saved my sisters and myself from the foster care system. He took us in when our mother was no longer capable for caring for. This was almost 10 years ago. Since then He’s helped my older sister graduate from high school, he has kept me on the right track, and has guided my little sister to everything she is and will be. This I believe makes him a hero.

Some people change them selves to fit the perspective of other people. This makes them a hypocrite. This I believe doesn’t make them a hero. If you have to change yourself so that others will think you great, then you’re nothing at all. My grandfather doesn’t have to change himself, My grandfather is a great man who doesn’t have to change if you don’t agree with what he says, My grandfather doesn’t change his opinion to fit those of other people. He stands his ground .this has taught me to stand my ground .This I believe makes him a hero .The will and power to stand your ground.

I can honestly with out a doubt say that my grandfather is not only my hero but the hero of all the young men and women in my church. To the young men he is a leader he is the president of the brotherhood. The Galileans is an organization that teaches young men about god .Without my grandfather the program would not be possible to the young ladies my grandfather is an inspiration. See my grandfather has COPD it is a disease that affects the esophagus. With in turn affects his singing .Yet every Sunday and Wednesday my grandfather gets on the stage at the church and leads the choir and the congregation in worship. He tells us that no matter what we want to don’t let any thing stop us from our dreams.

Over the years I have heard many different opinions of who is a hero. My opinion is this be you, be a hero. The best heroes are those who are unaware that they are a hero.