I Believe in Laughter

Brittany - conway, Arkansas
Entered on September 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in laughter. Sitting in the pews of Mr. Harem Baptist Church as the choir sang “I’m going home to be with my Lord,” my emotions were like a whirlwind. I was disappointed that she had left me, angry that she didn’t warn me, and in disbelief that she was really gone.

I started to reminisce about all the times she rescued me from Mama’s spankings and the nights she just held me close and rocked me to sleep. I thought about the smell of the sweet spaghetti she use to cook just for me. I remembered the summers when she and I would sit in the rocking chair on the porch and swing back and forward as she rubbed blue magic hair grease on each of my plaits in my hair. As she greased my hair she would sing “He’s got the mama and the daddy in his hands, he’s got the whole world in his hands.” I remembered rubbing my hands on top of hers, her skin was like silk.

I believed every word she had ever told me except when she use to say “Lee Lee one day Granny’s not going to be around anymore.” I never imagined living without her. I snapped out of my daze from my mother tugging at my arm and saying come on babe we have to go say goodbye to my grandmother when she and I never said goodbye before? She never allowed me to say Good bye because Good bye was permanent so we always said I will see you later alligator. I finally Stood up and began to walk towards the casket. The walk seemed a mile llong, my legs began to weaken and my heart was pounding out of control. As I was one step away from the casket the adrenaline rushed through my veins and rippled up and down my spine.

I didn’t know what to do. Should I scream because my Granny is dead and I will never see her again or should I cry because it is so hard to accept? Out of all the reaction choices I had I began to laugh. I laughed such a hysterical laugh it caused the muscles in my stomach to tighten and forced tears to well up in my eyes. I said “Granny I will see you later Alligator,” and I continued in laughter and before I knew it, it was all over.

So even when the situation does not seem fit for laughter find it inside of yourself to laugh, because laughing makes life a whole lot easier.