Deal With It

Vuong - Des Moines, Iowa
Entered on September 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Life is like a fixed game and the reason I say this is because basically life is unfair at times. Sometimes in life there is no choice but to accelerate ahead. School is sometimes unfair. When it is, it mostly has to do with the projects that have to be completed in a short amount of time, even when there are also other projects that are due in other classes. There is no excuse no matter what it just has to be finished, there are no second chances.

I remember when I was in the fifth grade I went to Madison Elementary School and I got smacked in the face with a detention I didn’t even deserve. I got blamed for another person’s mistake, and even though this person got away with it, I still had to serve the detention. I didn’t know who cursed in class. That was really an unfair and stupid situation because I was sitting in class instead of being outside having fun at recess when I should have been. My boss is not fair at all, especially when other employees do not get their job done.

Sometimes at work it gets so old when the boss doesn’t know how hard I have been working and what makes it worse is the boss saying that I have been slacking. That gets me so angry and sometimes I feel like giving up and quitting. I mean he is barely around when I am working so how does he know I am slacking or not. He doesn’t know. the only person that knows is me because I do work hard and I get a lot of things done. For my first job I am still working there and it almost has been a year. Soon I am going to ask for a raise and if I don’t get the raise I will be so angry because I know I deserve a raise. I better get the raise, but if I don’t then it is just not the time yet.

From my experiences I have learned that some things in life I just have to deal with even if it is not fair. To me it is like little bumps in the road or tiny obstacles that I have to overcome in life. I believe that life is not always perfect, but the things that are not fair in life should not be focused on. The point is just overcome the situation because there will be a lot of bumps later on in the road.