This I Believe

Sean - Pleasant Hill, Iowa
Entered on September 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18


I believe in the ability to conquer mental blocks and not to be paralyzed by the pressure. Tiger Woods, “I don’t believe in pressure.” I believe that is true because all is has done in his first 10 years on the PGA. When I first heard this quote I starting thinking about it and what it means, and if I don’t think about all the pressure on me I will do just fine.

My whole senior year is going to live around this quote from tiger woods. My personal experience is when I started my senior year and the last time I will play golf in my high school career. There is a lot of pressures on me to go to college get a scholarship, make it to a division one school and carry a good grade point average.

During the summer I sat down and watched tiger and his body language. How he puts everything a side no matter what it is. I started doing the same thing during my summer tournaments and it work out great. I won 3 out of 8 tourneys and had 6 top fives. So far my personal experience this year is the school golf invite. In my experience this year that I have put to much pressure on myself to do well and set the bar to high as a school golfer and when you do that, usually set your self up for failure and that’s what im not going to do! The first one was at Veenker and I had something I had to let go but I ended up getting 3rd place, second one was at Newton Invite ended getting 1st place, third was at Otter Creek getting 12th place. So far I have had I good year.

“I don’t believe in pressure,” said Tiger Woods. My belief on the quote is that there is no pressure it is all just nerves and the whole mental aspect of the game. I enjoy living my senior year based on this quote and it will be tested this year for getting a scholarship, GPA, and going to state for golf.