This I Believe

Michael - Dayton, Ohio
Entered on September 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

From what I have gathered through my short life of 20 years is the most important aspect of life is to make the ones you love happy. The first goal that I had when I was a young child was to make my parents proud of me. The second goal I had was to make friends and have them respect me. I believe that hard work is the best way in achieving these goals.

Hard work is a human quality that is easy to say but very difficult to perform on a consistent basis. Going into high school I perceived life as if it were going to be handed to me. As a freshman I made my high school’s junior varsity basketball team. This was an accomplishment that I was proud of because I knew that my friends and parents would think highly of me. The season progressed while I was continuing my personal goals. Complacency began to sink in with me and the troubles quickly became realistic. The following season shortly arrived and I had hardly worked on my fundamental skills. The day of realization came upon me when I was pulled aside after tryouts and was told that I was no longer part of the high school basketball team because of my lack of work ethic and attitude. I have to this day never felt the emotion of disappointment to that high of a degree in my entire life. Knowing that I had let everyone that had believed in me including myself down was an awful feeling.

A week went by and I came to the conclusion that I need to play basketball for my own personal satisfaction. I started by working with my trainer Chris who I had been intimidated to work with knowing that his work out routines demanded hard work. I began working with him three times a week and I began to see my attitude along with my fundamental skills beginning to improve. With my attitude changing do to the fact that I knew I was working hard began to reflect positively on my relationships with my family and friends. Tryouts the following fall approached and I knew I was ready to take on the task. Tryouts ended and I had received the news that I had made the varsity basketball team.

Looking back on this event that has changed my life, I can now comfortably say that hard work can achieve any goal. Hard work has changed my entire personal view on how a “good” life is to be achieved.