This I Believe

valerie - springdale AR. 72762, Arkansas
Entered on September 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

What if everyone looked the same, what if everyone wore the same cloths and talked the same way? The world would be dole and boring. What I think shouldn’t matter to others, only to me. Everyone is individually different in there own way. I believe that what you think of yourself matters the most.

Throughout my life in school and at home I was always smaller than everyone. Everyone would make fun of me because of my size. In the first years of elementary school I was the same size as a majority of people, and when forth grade came everyone started growing and I stayed the same, small. When all my friends started turning older looking, it seemed like I was always going to not grow and be weird. I would ask my mom, “Why haven’t I grown like my friends?” She would say, “It’s because I was just born small and I can’t control the speed of my growth but some day I will grow.”

At the moment I’m in Junior High, I know I won’t always be small and that I’m just going to have to deal with it. If people make fun of me because of my size it’s alright and to just ignore them. I just hope I don’t stay this size. But being small is not a bad thing it’s just the special way God made me. No one is perfect and everyone has something different with them. That is what makes everyone special its Gods special gift. Being small is not my fault it’s just the way I was born.

I am incredibly athletic and I do two sports, soccer and cross country. Countless people think I wouldn’t be fast or couldn’t do well at soccer because I’m small. To tell you the truth, I’m totally the fastest girl and one of the best soccer players on the team. In Cross Country everyone always asks me how I can run so fast. I say, just because I look small doesn’t mean I’m disabled. After we ran are first Cross County meet everyone gave me hi fives because I won. Playing in soccer is a very physical sport, lots of pushing and shoving. Believe it or not, I am the one always pushing the other players to the ground and I’m always the fastest one to the ball. But playing a sport is not based on size it’s based on how well your skill is to do it. Sometimes I wish I was normal, but not really. I believe what you think of yourself matters the most. This I believe.