The scales of life

Michael - Altoona, Iowa
Entered on September 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

How much do you work each day? Do you leave time for leisure activities? I know I never used to. It’s always work, work, and more work for me. However, now I believe in the balance. I believe in the right combination of fun activities and hard work.

Over the last summer I worked around forty to fifty hours a week at Adventureland theme park. The job was pretty fun, and I made a good amount of money working that much, but it didn’t always pay off. Now that I’m back in school and can talk to my friends more often; they will say hey stuff like “hey have you seen Superbad yet,” or “Did you see that TV show,” and my answer always has to be “no I was working.” Sure I had enough money to go to the movies or attend a concert, but I never had the time, because I was working twelve hour shifts at Adventureland. Well after last summer I’ve come to believe in all the clichés and sayings like “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” and “money can’t bring happiness.”

Of course I have to balance fun with more than just work. There’s also school and family to try to work out too. With me having to get up a six every morning to go to school, then getting out of school at three, and finally having homework and on some days a job that can last until the late hours of the night to deal with. It can seem impossible to make time for everything else. I guess I just found that it’s not always the best idea for me to put work first every time.

I now try harder to make time for everything in my life. Sometimes I’ll ask for a random weekday off of work to have time with my friends and get caught up with homework, or I’ll just make sure that if I work late to play tennis with my friends in the morning. My life is like a scale. If I tip too much one way or the other it’s wont balance out right. So I guess that what learned is that I just need to trust in the balance to get the most out of life.