Kyle - Pleasant Hill, Iowa
Entered on September 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Humans are creatures of habit; we come to expect certain things to happen and certain circumstances to stay the same. I think many people fall into an everyday routine and don’t stop and think about things enough. However, when something unexpected happens in life it drastically changes the way we think and act. It is this type of event that makes people who they are. I believe that one doesn’t know what they have until it is gone.

In the first game of my freshman football season I broke my foot. I had to have surgery to have two screws put in my foot, and I missed the rest of season. I didn’t know that I could miss the game so much. For the next few months I sat around the house feelings bitter about what had happened, often asking myself “why me?” It was during those few long months that I realized how much I had taken for granted. I would have done anything just to be able to walk without crutches, let alone play football. I got the screws removed from my foot and went through a pretty rough physical and mental rehabilitation. I told myself that I would never forget the way I had felt. I stopped taking so many things for granted after I knew how good I really had it. I worked out through the winter and did very well in the spring track season. By the time football season rolled around again, I couldn’t have been more ready to play.

My grandma, who hasn’t missed a single one of my games, is a very positive person. She always looks at the glass half full and one would probably never see her without a smile on her face. She can always cheer me up and make me look at something in a positive way. She stays calm when important and potentially negative things could possibly arise, she is a true optimist.

Now that I am a few years older, I can see that missing a season was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. I learned that if I love something I shouldn’t take it for granted. I learned that I can do anything I want to if I put my mind to it. I believe that one doesn’t know what they have until it is gone. These types of events shape people and let them know how much they take for granted.