I believe it would be sad if I died now

tennant - coral springs, Florida
Entered on September 16, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: death

While I was sitting down watching TV, I suddenly remembered about the, this I believe site and wanted to write my piece down too. So I started thinking about what to write, and that’s when the topic came to me. The topic that came to mind was one word, “death.” I remember about two months ago when I was eating dinner, how I almost died. I made some rice and chicken at the time, and I started eating voraciously when I started to choke on a chicken bone. Ok, that sound pretty ridiculous, but it really happened. I was very hungry, because I hadn’t had breakfast, or lunch that morning, and I was starving. In that moment, I thought if I died, all those years of me doing wel in school was a waste of time. If I had bad grade then I guess it would’nt be so bad, but I actually did my homework and study for tests most of the time .I thought all of that would have been a real waste of time, if I was just going to die now .I also thought about how stupid it would sound, if the principal announced to the students the next day, “your fellow classmate Teneisha has died yesterday, because she choked on a chicken bone. How sad, she was only 17, now lets have a moment of silence in the memory of Teneisha Johnson.” Seriously, how pathetic would that sound? After thinking all that, I was determine not to died yet, so I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a piece of bread and swallowed it. I did this several times until the bone went down. I was so happy when the bone went down, because I hadn’t even experienced at that I wanted to yet, and I would be pissed I died before doing them. Like going sky and bungee diving, traveling around the world, and surfing for the first time. Also going hiking to the top of Mount Everest, and going to a tribe in Africa and spending time with them, learning about there culture first hand.