This I Believe

Andrew - Lowell, Arkansas
Entered on September 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality, illness

I believe everybody is equal

I was born in Chicago, Illinois March 16, 1993, and I was born prematurely. As I was growing up in Illinois I had very few friends because I was short for my age and I got made fun of a lot. In 1998, we moved down to Lowell, Arkansas, and so I thought I could start all over and make new friends but I was wrong. When I was 6, I started kindergarten I was happy because I got to be around other kids and people, so I thought I might be able to make a lot of friends. But every thing went wrong; I goofed off to much, threw things, hit others, and yelled, so I had no luck that year in making new friends.

Well as the years went on I started to get made fun of and put down, by being called a freak, weirdo, and several other hurtful names by other people for their own amusement because I was different and I wanted to be myself. I would go to others and say hi and see how things are going or see if they got hurt. I would always be called a name or get hit instead of “don’t bother me” or “just go away”, that is what others found different about me. I would usually come home limping from when some kids have kicked me in the shin or the back of the legs, or I’ll come home with big bruises on my arms and back from getting punched because I was being me. Well I got to thinking why do kids do this? Why do they treat others with so little respect that they send them home with whelps, cuts, scraps, and most importantly their feelings hurt.

In 4th grade I had very few friends who cared for me and liked me for who I was. Well I met one of my friends that year and his name is Jeffrey Kadri. After I met him I became a new person with the help from him. I talked to other people, I help people who hated me, and I would just walk away when kids made fun of me. When I met Jeffrey, I treated others with the utmost of respect; I treated everybody like equals instead of just strangers. Also I felt a lot better about myself because I started to make a lot of new friends ever sense.

That is why I believe everybody is equal. Everybody should be respected. How they look, dress, or even act doesn’t matter; what matters is getting to know the person to find out if they could be one of your friends, but if not still treat them with respect.