This I Believe

Spencer - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on September 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

The only way to not make a mistake is to not do anything. I believe in the fact that everyone makes mistakes. If I went around my life trying to not make mistakes, I would miss out on my whole life. Even the Lord in heaven says that we make mistakes.

Many times in life I have seen how people have made mistakes without even meaning to. I am a football player and many of my teammates are great players, but time after time I have seen them mess up on a play or drop a pass. Even though they messed up the play, it doesn’t make my teammate a bad player. Making mistakes is something no one can control.

All through my life I have been a person that has not always acted the right way when someone offended me. When I was younger I told on people who were not nice to me and it made me not be on the top of the list with some people. My teachers got so fed up with me that they would get mad at me for tattle-tailing every time someone did something to me. So I started figuring out ways to tell on people without making it obvious to my teacher that I was telling on someone. I finally realized what a big mistake it was for telling on every little thing that someone did to me.

I don’t tell on people anymore because I have fixed that mistake. Even though my friends still, I do not want to go through that stage again.

I also understand what a big mistake it has been to fight with my sister all my life and not try to stop at times I should have. My sister and I are working on not fighting with each other and but we still make mistakes and get angry.

As I look back on all the times I fought with my sister I realize how I could have spent that time getting closer with her. If I would have got closer with her, I would have got to do a lot more things when she was the only one around, because she would have wanted to do them with me. Even though we have said things to each other that could have ended our lives we still love each other and realize what a mistake we have made towards each other.

I know I can’t stop making mistakes altogether, but I can fix it when I do make a mistake. This I Believe.