This I Believe

lindsay - springdale, Arkansas
Entered on September 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

When I was in second grade I went to school thinking that it would be just any other regular day morning work, lunch, recess, some more work and then I would go home, but that day would change the lives of many American families across the country forever.

Our teacher left the room for about 5 minutes then came in crying out, so I was wondering what was going on? My mom came and checked me out of school so I thought to my self what is going on I don’t have a doctors appointment or anything do I? That was when I knew something terrible had happened.

When I was in the car I asked my mom why everyone was sad and crying all day and she told me that several airplanes had crashed. Two in New York, one in the Pentagon, which I would be visiting in a few short months, and one in a field so that the hijacker wouldn’t crash into the White House and it had killed lots of people and that I would understand it better when we got home.

When I got home my mom turned on the television and all of our neighbors were over at our house watching what happened. All that was on was channel after channel was the planes crashing into the towers and the faces of the frighten people that were running away from the wall of smoke and rubble. My mom was trying so hard to hold it in and to be strong but when those few tears started to slip it was a down pour! I asked why she was sad because none of our family members lived in New York so it was all good, right? She said that I would understand when I was older.

So now I am thirteen and I still have hard time understanding what all went on that day and why anyone would want to do that to take people away from there families and friends. I never really realized what it was like to lose someone you until I lost my great aunt. She died this summer it was so hard for me to get over being the first person in my life to pass away.

I feel for those boys and girls that lost parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents that day. I believe patriotism, in remembering our fallen firefighters and policemen that tried to help others on that horribly tragic day of 9/11. I