This I Believe

Sophia - Springdale, AR 72762, Arkansas
Entered on September 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: courage

This I Believe

By: Sophia Sundara

Have I ever had a memory that has clung to me like honey on bread? Is that memory full of swelling emotions that are just waiting to burst inside its bubble? Sharing a memory with another person is like reliving the moment again. Sometimes that memory can make me feel giddy inside and I’d want to tell all my friends about it. Or sometimes it’ll make me feel so miserable that I’ll start being the most antisocial person alive. Making an unforgettable memory is up to me to show the outcome of it. I believe that memories should never be forgotten. No memory should be left behind.

First off, when my grandfather was lying in his death bed, I felt like running away from home. I couldn’t stand it. I didn’t want to believe it. I wanted to forget everything and just go somewhere. How can a person I love so much, die? Later on, I learned that death is a natural thing. However, the feelings that I held inside myself at that time, made me realize that all I can do now is stay strong and do my best without my grandfather. He’s given me a little bit of his fighting spirit for me to move on forward.

Another reason why I believe in keeping my memories is for my soul mate. I don’t want to give up liking someone just because I think I’m too ugly or that I’m not his type. I don’t want to stop searching for that one person that I can create my greatest memories with. To feel my heart skip a beat every time he would smile, or experience the feeling of butterflies in my stomach. If I was in a relationship, and it ended without my seeing him, it would end with just trivial memories. Those memories will eventually fade into nothing one day. Will that be alright with me though?

Finally, I believe that memories lead me to a more happy life. Photos are a critical part of lost memories that I want to recover. I’m so grateful to my family for taking pictures of me from when I was a baby because I wanted to know all that I did. That is, besides drinking milk, sleeping, and crying. However, I want to live with all my memories. Even if they’re sad memories, even if they’re memories that only hurt me, and even if they’re memories I’d rather forget, I want to hold onto them. If I keep trying, then someday, I’ll be strong enough so that those memories can’t defeat me.

Creating memories with others brings great joy into my life. I want to keep making memories with the ones I love most. I want to take each and every memory and hold it in my heart. I believe that there’s no such memory that’s okay to forget. This I believe.