This I Believe

Jennifer - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on September 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe

I believe that sticks and stones break bones but words can hurt ten times more.

People are always saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. In my experience words always hurt more. If someone at your work or school kicked you or punched you, eventually those wounds and bruises would heal. However, if someone were to come and say something about you that is truly offensive, or just plain mean, it could last much longer than just a couple of days or weeks.

I am a short and small girl. It is normal for someone to poke fun at me, on a daily basis, because of the size I am. Most people would not take it seriously and neither do I. However, I do know that many people have health issues, reasons, for why they are different, and yet people still make fun of them. Just because something is funny to one person does not mean it is going to be funny to the other.

I understand just “joking around” with your friends and picking fun at them, because I do it. I do not understand however why you would make fun of someone when you know it is not there fault they are the way they are. Some people have problems that do not allow them to act “normally”, or at least what most people think to be normal. Some have mental issues that do not allow them to learn as fast as others, and yet people still choose to make fun of them. I do not see the point in telling someone how stupid they are when maybe they don’t do as well as you on a test. Instead I would try talking to them and helping them. Just being a friend.

I hate when I see people in the halls who don’t have any friends because people talk and act differently around them because they’re “weird”. My mom always taught me that if I did not have anything nice to say than not to say it at all. I always used to think that she just copied it from the movie Bambi. Now that I look back on what she taught me, I realize that it is very true. Whenever someone tells me that there is a girl in there math class who always stays after school because they have catch up because she’s “stupid”, or she’s “mental”; I try to think back on what my mom told me. To remember that saying something is different than thinking it and words can last a lifetime. I always try to remember to tell them that if they were in that girl’ shoes “Would you want someone saying that about you?”. They always say no.

It is hard sometimes to not just jump in when my friends are gossiping or talking about how weird someone’s outfit looks, but words hurt more than anything else. Words just hurt. This I believe.