This I Believe

taylor - springdale, Arkansas
Entered on September 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

Taylor Passmore


Pre-AP English

6th block

This I Believe


I believe that everyone needs a vacation, whether it’s just a day off work, visiting a family member, or going to a place that you have been looking forward to for a while. Personally, I love vacations. I always look forward to them and can’t wait to get going. It’s great to just have fun and get as much as you can away from “the real world”.

I believe vacations are a time to relax, and do anything you want that you can’t normally do in the “real world”. Going to a beach is a relaxing vacation. Sitting on the shore and feeling each wave wash up on you as you lay in the sun warmed golden sand. Or maybe splashing around in the ocean is relaxing for you. Or it could be a relaxing day off of work and lying around the house all day. Whatever you do on your vacation, I believe it should be relaxing.

I also believe vacations are great opportunities to spend time with your family. I’m in so many activities that I barely get to do much with my family, so it’s great to go somewhere with them and not have to do all the things that are in my normal routines. Not only are vacations good to spend time with your family that lives with you, they are a good chance to see family members that you don’t see very often. I love these types of vacations, especially with my cousins. It’s great to get to get a chance to see them and do things with them. Vacations are great are great hosts of a “get together”.

Finally, I believe that vacations are great opportunities to visit and explore places that you’ve never traveled to before. On these vacations you can learn many interesting facts, history of an interesting place, or something that you didn’t know or have wanted to learn more about. Or going to a new place might not be an educational trip for you. It might be a fun and exciting trip for you. Like going to Paris for the museums and art galleries, or going to shop in its many designer stores and doing the many fun activities they have to offer. Maybe you’d want to go to Mexico and do many of the thrilling activities that they have, or go on tours learning about Mexico’s culture. Your exciting vacation to a new place can be educational or pleasing to you, but it will defiantly be a great visit to someplace new.

Vacations can consist of many fun, educational, or relaxing moments. But whatever you do, everyone always needs a vacation, this I believe.