This I Believe

Zach - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on September 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

I believe that winning isn’t everything. Many people take winning way too seriously. I have caught myself thinking this way many times, and it makes my life way too stressful. At times I could have relaxed a little and made things more enjoyable.

I am a very competitive person, and I love to win. I competed in Odyssey of the Mind when I was in fifth, sixth, and seventh grade, and sometimes I would make my team a little bit mad because I was so competitive. When we would get ready for competition, I would start bossing people around. I was just trying to win, but in the process I made the competition a pain to everyone else on my team. Now that I look back, I wish I could have relaxed and had some fun. We did do a great job, and one year we placed at the world finals, but if I could have remembered to let loose, I would have made the experience better.

A few months later, I went to church camp. It was a great week of meeting new people and making new friends. At this camp we were supposed to have fun, but when I heard there was a going to be a little competition, my competitive senses kicked in. The whole camp was separated into teams and we would compete against each other in sports, a bible trivia competition, and other miscellaneous activities. I was thrilled and ready to win, but then I remembered my Odyssey of the Mind experience and how I ruined it by being too competitive. I thought, “Don’t take this too seriously Zach. It‘s just for fun.” I thought about it and I figured I’d give the non-competitive way a try. After the camp, I realized that I had so much more fun this way, because I was laughing and having a good time. We lost and won some games, but throughout all the activities and trivia I was having a blast. One thing I found out on that trip was that you don’t have to win to have fun because, again, winning isn’t everything.

After saying all this and being the competitive person I am, you still need to try to win. Never just give up. When I was at camp I didn’t just give up and have no hope of winning. I still tried to win but I didn’t make it the top priority.

You may win at a lot of things and that’s not wrong. If you try everyday to win and that’s all you think about, you need to remember one thing. Winning isn’t everything, so loosen up and have some fun once in a while, and this I believe.