This I Believe

David - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on September 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: gratitude, work

This I Believe

I believe that a person should not abuse what they are given in life and they should always keep their mind open for something new. I believe this because I used to never think that there would be something new or interesting to happen in my life. I also used to take everything I had for granted when I shouldn’t have.

I may be only thirteen years old, but I have learned many valuable lessons throughout my life so far. I learned that you should cherish what you have in life when my friend decided that he should give up on school and run away from home. I told him that he should try harder and not give up so easily on himself and then it occurred to me at that moment. My mother always tells to practice what I preach, so I decided to do what she said. So, I tried harder to be a better person and to not give up so easily on everyone or everything including myself.

I also think that a person should treasure what they have in life because my father also decided to give up on my mother and on himself. He had determined that he should give up on life and that he should not try to care because he thought that everyone hated him and that nobody cared if he lived or died. He also thought that everyone also thought that he was just a person that everyone could walk on and not care or even look back. I just managed to convince him otherwise because he was a wonderful person and he was also a great dad. I also told him that he should also consider not giving up on my mother. He wanted to give up on her because he thought that she was like everyone else and didn’t care about him. Also, he thought that she only wanted money and that she had nothing to do with him. I convinced him that she still loved him and that he was what she talked about some of the time.

I also believe that people should keep their minds wide open and look for something new to happen in their lives. I believe this because my father had always thought that his life would always be the same no matter what he did. Then, one day, his life changed. He felt that he could do things that he thought he couldn’t do before. I asked him why he thought that. His answer was this. “I did what you told me and opened my mind and now I can do whatever I believe I can do. Thank you.”

I learned that you should embrace who you are and that you should relish what you have in life because you may not ever have the chance to have that one thing or things ever again. I also learned that you should always keep your mind open. This I believe.