This I Believe

Will - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on September 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18


***I dedicate this essay to everybody that has had an influence on me throughout my life *

I believe that practice makes perfect. I believe that if you give it your all then you will be successful. Just as long as you practice, practice, practice then you WILL get better and you WILL be rewarded. If you look at all the athletes today then you will see that they have practiced. They would never be where they are today without practice.

I even have an experience with being and athlete and practicing all the time. I play football for Central Junior High School in Northwest Arkansas. The three weeks before school started we got our pads (which I liked, but didn’t like at the same time). Those three weeks was the hardest time of my life. During those three weeks I bled, cried, and definitely sweated. I wanted to quit so bad because it was so hard but I overcame it and I struggled through it. I love to play football and that’s why I stayed in. During those three weeks I practiced harder then I have ever practiced in my life. Even today after school is out we will go outside and practice, practice, practice. I even remember one time when coach said that if we didn’t practice hard enough that he would shove his foot so far where the sun don’t shine, that we would be puking out Nike signs. I will practice until I die. Even after football season is over I will still be practicing.

For instance, on Friday we have a test in Spanish. I have been practicing all week to get an A on the test. Spanish a very hard language to learn. Every week in Spanish we have a test. Every week it gets harder.

Even when you are just doing something for fun you need to practice. Even if you are just playing a game of backyard football, you still need to practice. If you are playing a new video game and you are not good at it at first, then all you need to do is practice. I have had many games I am not good at, but I practice, practice, practice and I get better at them. Like the madden games. The first time I ever played them I didn’t do well. I wasn’t good at those games until I practiced. After a while, I was really good.

So you have heard it a million times in this essay but I am gong to say it again. You HAVE to PRACTICE. If you want to be successful in life you have to practice.