This I Believe

anthony - Spingdale, Arkansas
Entered on September 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure, work

I believe I am a gamer!

I am a hard working person with good math skills. I also have been working on my engineering skills, like to build robots and lots of other things in my spare time. Like last week I finished making a robot out of extra parts I had lying around my room. It can swing its arm around a full 360.

I believe that doesn’t make me geek or nerds. I believe it makes me an inverter/ builder. I can turn a bag of cans into a free standing robot with moving arms and glowing eyeballs. I sell them on EBay I can get at least 20 to 30 dollars, just for maybe 10 to 12 cans. It does not take much. But that it’s the point I am trying to get at. People think I am, but I am not a geek. But I am like everyone else that I know.

I like to do lots of other thing to like playing videogames, I like to ride my bike, I like to lots of other things. This I believe I am not a geek. I am a human being to, I have feelings to. I believe that I not a geek. I do these things because I love to do what I do. Nobody can stop me no words can hurt me. I play videogames like you do so don’t call me a geek or a nerd. I like to do the things I do because I think the things I do are fun. But why do people do things they do but we don’t know why.

Why are people being doomed like that we don’t know but they are? But first and for most I am a gamer I would love just to sit down and play the ps2 all day long. I play MADDEN 08 all day long. I play online against other people online and usually. Like last night, I beat this 20 year old guy from California. I also play NCAA 08 with the RAZORBACKS. But that isn’t the point well yah it is. But that is my point I like and I am proud of it. Gaming is my way to get away from it all. Because it is what it is? I like to play video games and that’s what I do.