This I Believe

Evelyn - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on September 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, gratitude

I believe in being optimistic for what you have.

Since I was a little girl I never really had the most awesome life. I never had a father by my side. I never got grounded by my dad, because he was never there. I didn’t live in such a great environment. I lived with so many people, up to 8, in one 3 bedroom duplex. Then my mom divorced my dad when I was 10. It was very hard for me to accept my step dad. But, when I got older I started to understand that he was the closest thing to a ‘dad’ I will ever get. So I realized why always be negative if it is not going to get you any where. So I believe in being optimistic for what you have.

Where I currently live isn’t the best as everyone else. But I could have been in an even worse position so I am very thankful for what I have. I live in a normal house, nothing big. My mom is always working over time just to have an enough to feed my brother, sister and I. She also has to pay all the bills. My step dad would help out but at this time he is in Mexico so he can be legal to be here in the United States. He has been gone for about 7 months and since then my mom has been working tons of over time, just to support us.

I am now in Jr. High, and I am trying to do the best I can possibly do on my school work, so I can get a scholarship, to go to collage. I will try to do the very best I can, because I know collage can be very expensive, and we do have any money. I would love to go to USC, but if I don’t, any collage would still be good for me. If I do go to collage, I would be the first one in my whole family. That would be really awesome for be to the first one!

Sometimes I sit in my room all by myself and just thing about what I have, it always makes me feel happy because there are some people in the world who have everything they possibly need just handed to them and always want more. So, I am optimistic for what I have.

When we go to the store, my little brother and sister always want a toy or even a candy but, they don’t know any better and hopefully when they get older they too can also be optimistic.

If it wasn’t for the way I lived or live I would have never really understood why people can be so positive about the way they live, when really they don’t have anything. Maybe they also believe in being optimistic for what they have.

I believe in being optimistic for what I have.