This I Believe

Phillip - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on September 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in dreams. Short dreams and long dreams; Dreams at night and dreams during the day. I think that dreams keep me living my life to the fullest potential, and not just existing. With loads of dreams that I have had in my life, none of them has been as strong as my dreams of having a cooking show on TV and owning my own restaurant.

One day when I was flipping through the channels on TV, I saw a lady who was frying chicken, chopping vegetables, and talking a whole lot faster than I could think. I wrote down as many of the ingredients as I could catch and as soon as my mom got home we went to the store and bought pounds of chicken, shopping carts full of vegetables, and armloads full of spice bottles. We ran up and down every isle, hoping that we had not forgotten any thing I needed to fry the chicken I had seen on the TV. When we were back home, I ran into the kitchen and searched through all of the bags ready to make my chicken and vegetables. The chicken might have turned out terrible, but from then on my dream was set … I was hooked, I wanted to cook. I started watching the food channel more and more. I loved watching people start out with a gazillion different items and end up with an excellent looking meal. From there, I was trying other recipes from different chefs and cooks that were good enough to be on TV. I spent hours in my kitchen cooking everything I could think of. I got confident enough that I started cooking for the kids in my class at school and my teachers are amazed. Now, everybody knows me as the dude that cooks. Another one of my dreams is cooking on TV. Showing the world how easy it is to cook a great meal, even if your only thirteen years old. I would get to inspire other young channel flippers to get in their kitchen and help cook.

My dreams keep me cooking every day, trying to get better all the time. Now I love to try new recipes from the numerous TV chefs and even some of my own that I’ve thought of. My new favorite section in the grocery store is the produce department. My dreams keep me cooking, keep me living, and they keep me happy.

The more I cook, I might be getting better, but I STILL can’t fry chicken.