It’s The World’s Best Characteristic, Isn’t That Ironic?

Craig - Lake Forest, Illinois
Entered on September 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: humility

I believe that humility is the most important and respected attribute a person may posses. Ironically, this attribute, which keeps some people from bragging extraneously about themselves, is about to be bragged about. Another ironic thing about this particular characteristic is that I am going to spend a few hundred words bragging about how humble I am, when in reality, that would be most conceited of me. In lieu of my previous thought, I will attempt to write this essay while trying to keep my humility.

I believe that humility, mixed with a pinch of decency, is the recipe for a perfect person. I realize simplifying a person’s personality and entire life into some clever little culinary analogy does not give justice to the complexities of human beings, but I fully believe humility forces a person to be respectable. Think about it; if a person is humble, then their humility does not allow them to brag about themselves. If a person can not express to others what positive attributes he or she wishes to represent, then that person must demonstrate these attributes until others around the humble individual have complimented them their positive character. Being humble forces people to consistently act in a respectable manner because it constantly forces them to search for respect, instead of rewarding respect to themselves.

One attribute that I personally wish to represent is hard working. One example of my hard work is the commitment I had to volleyball during this past off season. My goal during the off-season was to have my teammates begin look up to me and notice how hard I worked. There were two ways to approach my quest for respect. I could either begin talking to my teammates, bragging to them about how good I was and telling them to look up to me, or I could act in a way that would force them to recognize my positive character. My humility helped me not to take the former option and to work hard for over five months straight. I began working out at the gym, organizing beach volleyball games with teammates, inviting them to indoor scrimmages and attending camps at nearby colleges. It took five months of unwavering dedication, but my teammates are beginning to notice my hard work, and are complementing me for my improvements. In my opinion, if my peers complement me after months or even years of hard work, then I am much more content than if I had demanded that people look up to me. This small example of humility only dips its toe into the deep and invaluable ocean of humility. This amazing characteristic of humility forces those who posses it to show, not tell, who they are to the world around them.