The In Crowd

Cherrelle - Jacksonville, Arkansas
Entered on September 13, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Growing up, I always knew that I’d remember the prettiest girl in the class, the best dressed, or the most popular. I looked up to these people in hopes that one day I could join the “in crowd”.

In high school I really had to choose my friends wisely. Most of my peers were quick to put on fronts of who they were. I feel that around this age and time adolescents are more likely to follow the “in crowd”, because the desire to be accepted often over rules the desire to make a difference. In comparisons to past generations expressing your individuality is becoming more and more prominent as well as widely accepted.

Now that I’m a freshman in college, I’ve been given several opportunities to create false personalities for myself, from changing my personal style to the way I walk, talk, and carry myself- for better or worse. I’ve also had the opportunity to change my social arena and pick up a few new influences. Yet, with all of those prospects for change, I realized that it is not only easier but better that I be myself and stay true to me.

I believe that no matter how much money or effort you put into your personal dress, appearance, and attitude, the people you’re trying to impress won’t like you, but the person you’re pretending to be. Granted, there are certain atmospheres that require specific demeanors (like a blue or white-collar job), these atmospheres always leave license for one to be oneself.

Parents often feel obligated to display a certain behavior in front of their children. I think they do this solely to promote benevolent actions such as good manners, discipline, trust-worthiness, self control and honesty. Be yourself. My mother always encouraged me to be myself and I see myself teaching the same to my children in the future. I will let them know that no matter how much pressure the may encounter for being different being accepted should not be their primary concern. If I can instill this value in them, they will grow up with a sense of self acceptance, self- confidence, and individuality.