This I Believe

Micah - Alma, Arkansas
Entered on September 13, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, integrity

Throughout my life I have always known that character is one of the most important characteristics a person can have. Your character determines the way people view you and how they treat you. A person can have all the ability in the world, but without character they will not stay where they are for very long.

My father is a man of outstanding character. Being number eight of nine kids in a poor family he never really got a whole lot of things. He always worked for what he got, whether it was in the tomato fields or the piggly wiggly on the corner. He never went to college, so he was never really given a chance at a good life afterwards. He is currently working at USA Truck Inc., and has been there twenty eight years. He has risen from being a poorly paid load coordinator to one of the Directors of Operations. Without the lessons he learned from being poor and growing up working, he may have never had the character to make it this far in this business.

Throughout our lives there is always someone that’s going to try to take your spot. They may have more ability than you, but the person who wins this spot will be the one with the better character. In my father’s business, young kids with college degrees always get these big wig jobs in the company. Even before someone who has been there for twenty plus years. They may have all the ability in the world but without the character factor they usually are gone within the first year at the latest. I am not saying that all college graduates are this way, and many of them are not. There is always just a case where this is true. I myself am striving to be a college graduate and I will not be one of those with an unpleasant character. I believe that growing up the way I did and seeing how my father fought and struggled for everything he now has today, I should have an outstanding character. And in my opinion I believe that I am not conceited or anything. In any kind of athletics it’s the same way. Take a look at Michael Vick. He was one of the major faces of the NFL. His jersey was number one in sales. He had all the God given ability anyone could ask for but without character look where he is now. He is going to do time for federal dog-fighting charges, gambling on it, and doing interstate business. Without character you can go from number one to the very bottom of the totem pole.

So without character it is going to be exceptionally difficult to reach the top and stay there.