What is your Miracle?

Emily - Conway, Arkansas
Entered on September 13, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

By definition, a miracle is defined as outside, or beside, nature when natural forces may have the power to produce the effect, at least in part, but could not of themselves alone have produced it in the way it was actually brought about. Which to my makes it sound like it has to be a huge deal like raising someone from the dead, or watching someone walk on water. But to me a miracle could be as simple as listening to a child say his/her first word or watching your only daughter graduate from college. I know when my best friend’s son took his first steps across the living room floor I just couldn’t believe how amazing that was in it’s self. Or when I got a call from my friend’s mother saying “its time.” I rushed up to the hospital to take a look at a beautiful baby girl named Makyla Grace. To know that my friend Emilee made a little girl that was perfect in nine months, I just couldn’t believe it. That was a miracle to me. When I read about the body in my health class and how it works. All the different cells and immune systems, and how powerful and efficient the human body really is, that is a miracle to me.

I do believe that miracles happen everyday. You never would believe your mother when she said “you can do anything you put your mind to.” Well now looking back, I do believe it. And every time I hear that alarm go off in the morning at eight o’clock, and I get up and actually go to class, that is a miracle to me.