To get something needs sacrifices

Hiroki - Conway, Arkansas
Entered on September 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Have you ever lost anything to get anything? When people must make a decision, they pick one choice and give up other choices. People cannot take all of the choices in each way. For example, now, I am studying in America. Although I am studying in college everyday because I wanted to do so, I sometimes miss fun time to spend with my friends in Japan. I sometimes imagine how my friends are hanging out, enjoying themselves, and laughing. This is my sacrifice. Whenever I get something, I always lose something. I will tell about one of the big sacrifices I have paid.

It costs much money to study abroad such as tuition fee, living costs, insurance, and airplane tickets. When I conceived of coming to America, I was so concerned about money, not English itself. My family is of common middle class, and not rich. My parents will retire from their jobs in a few years, and my old sister, who graduated from two-year college this spring, does not have a permanent job yet. My family could not afford to let me study abroad. To study abroad costs twice as much as to study at a Japanese college. For my parents, it was like having one more 18-year-old child. They would never think about it. However, I didn’t give up. I talked with my parents about studying abroad for a long time, and they finally allowed me to do. They requested me to enter a college whose school fee was not expensive. I accepted it willingly. That is the reason I am a UCA student. However, at that time, I didn’t realize how big sacrifice I paid for my dream.

My father had a second house in his favorite place which was built to spend their life after retirement. Surprisingly, they sold the house to turn it into my school fee! When I heard that, I felt I was completely wrong. I thought if I broke their life plan, I did not want to study abroad. Since that time, I was ashamed to even see them, so I tried not to meet them as possible. It was ridiculous, for we lived in the same house. One day, at dinner, my parents dearly told me that I could do what I wanted and that parents were who granted their child’s wish. I was persuaded by their words. I ended up taking their hearty parental kindness and determined to study in America. I paid my parents’ dream for my dream. It is one of the biggest sacrifices in my life.

To get something needs sacrifices; this is what I believe. Now, I have one dream which I want to achieve at all costs. I will give my parents bigger house! Though I don’t know how many years spend until I do so, I will achieve it. I will make myself sacrifice for my dream, and for my parents.