What decisions you make today

Megan - Conway, Arkansas
Entered on September 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that every decision you make affects the rest of your life. This is because what choices you make today will have an affect on what choices you make ten years down the road. I am a college freshman that believes this. Ever since I was little I have heard this from my parents. I believe that the decisions that I make in school will affect me, when I try to get a job, a family. I believe that in order to be successful you must make the right decisions today. I am not saying that I or you don’t make mistakes, because we make them everyday, but we also try to make the right decisions.

My mother taught me this statement. I believe that she taught this to me, because she did not make the right decisions when she was younger, and she doesn’t want me to make the same mistakes she did. But what and how do we learn if we don’t make mistakes? For instance, my mom was twenty-one when she got married and had two kids before she finished nursing school. She has told me many times she wished she would have waited to get married and have kids, put her education first, but she did not give up, she finished nursing school, even though it was hard. My mother always says make the right decisions, because sooner or later, they will affect you.

My dad is someone who goes with the flow of things. I believe that if he had made the right decisions when he was younger, his future might have turned out different. When he was my age, just six hours shy of getting his degree, he decided that he knew more than the professor and dropped out of college. He made a terrible decision and in the long run he ended up with a dead in job that he really didn’t care for and didn’t have good hours.

My belief statement is in one in which I think we all believe in. We all think about the future and what it holds for us. What decisions we choose today affects the rest of our life. Be smart, make the right decision.