This I Believe

Brandon - Conway, Arkansas
Entered on September 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: tolerance

The other day a customer walked into my uncle’s car dealership looking to buy a car. These however were no “normal” customers as they were covered in tattoos and peircings and just had an all out grungy look. Well no salesman wanted to wait on this couple, but my uncle took a chance and went to talk to them about buying a car. It turns out that this couple had the highest credit rating of anyone that had come in that day and my uncle was able to sell them a car. This is why I believe that everyone deserves a chance.

There are so many people in the world with different cultures and beliefs that differ from our own and often times we let those differences define a person when in reality they should just highlight their personality.

I remember back in junior high I used to skateboard, and apparently skateboarders had a reputation for causing trouble. Much to my dismay this reputation followed me and a friend into a store one day. My friend and I were out skating and we happen to be next to a strip mall, so we decided to go into one of the stores to see if we could find a trashcan for my friend’s room. It wasn’t five minutes from when we walked into the store that the manager approached us and asked us to leave the store if our parents weren’t there. This action I know was based solely on the fact that we had skateboards with us, and the manager was just positive that we were going to steal something. That was the day that I came to the realization that people shouldn’t be unfairly judged based on their looks, but rather should be given just as a good a chance as the middle aged white collar guy next them.

It’s a shame that here in America we often stereotype people and place them into groups based on race, clothing style, or even body art. However there are times when rights of a few have been restricted to insure the rights of the whole. For instance after 9/11, airport security seemed to be targeting Middle Eastern people, and at the time it seemed like the right thing to do. However, this is an instance when an entire group of people is judged unfairly due to the outlandish actions of a few radicals belonging to said group. This I believe is totally wrong, but in times of a national crisis such as 9/11, something that is unfortunately deemed “right”, without even questioning the ethics of the situation. So in light of this, I still believe that everyone deserves a chance to show their true colors without having judgment cast upon them for the way they look.