This I Believe

Ayana - Lithonia, Georgia
Entered on September 12, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

As the world circulates around beliefs, I stand. I stand watching as people murder each other because of what another person believes. I watch as beliefs intertwine with principalities and divide cultures. I gaze as families tear themselves apart due to religious conversions and lifestyle changes. I cry as my blurred vision focuses in on my own relatives casting out flesh and blood due to beliefs in dollar signs. In the midst of every conviction I hold my own beliefs.

I believe in love, life, and honesty. I believe in learning, teaching and the pure civilizations in untapped nature. Yet the belief that undoubtedly rises above every opinion held dear in the confines of my soul is the belief in me. I believe in myself more than thought imaginable. Now understand, I’m not promoting atheism, nor am I discriminating against those who practice it. I don’t believe that I am God or that I am the only person on earth that matters. Contrastingly enough I am a Christian, and carry faith in my church and in Jesus Christ.

The belief in me was planted in my mind at a young age. I was told by my parents to believe in myself whenever a swarm of butterflies fluttered angrily in the pit of my stomach, or when I felt like giving up was next on my ‘things to do’ list. Throughout an ample amount of years that seed flourished and blossomed into not only a belief but a mindset. I began to realize that pleasing others for an unsatisfied approval was meaningless. I can remember back only four years ago when my personal belief was still premature and I tried to fit in with others. In order to be normal I chose to curse. I was never one to use profanity and I recall reciting the words as they sharply cut my tongue, inflaming my untainted pallet. When I came to realize that this act wasn’t one that I myself approved of, I stopped trying to be ‘normal’ and began to believe in me even more. I have grown from every blunder, and am now comfortable in my own skin.

Believing in me keeps my dreams thriving. I believe that I can do anything and everything possible. I believe that I have the abilities to make it in a universe of the unknown and feed off my attained knowledge. I will never stop learning, because I know that if my education is discontinued, I will become easily persuaded and my belief will only be denounced. I believe in me because I don’t have to follow any rules. I won’t be forced to discriminate anyone based upon something as supercilious and hypocritical as them having their own beliefs. I believe in me because when all else fails I know me better than anyone who claims to know me better than I know myself. I’m the only person in this world who has felt my feelings or committed my actions, and that alone makes me stronger.

I believe in me because I have grown into a person who I am proud to call myself. I believe that I can change this planet. Whether it is through words or actions, I know I can. My biggest fear is leaving this world without first making a difference in it and up until now I was the only person who knew that.

I know that beliefs often stir up controversies which spiral into fights and even wars. I also know that beliefs cost lives and shatter opportunities. I pray for acceptance in these crazy times. Not only for me but also for those who also believe. In all the nonsense that pride brings, I will never stop believing in me.