This I Believe

Brittney - Hamden, Connecticut
Entered on September 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Growing up in a strict Italian family, my father embedded the word respect into my mind for as long as I can remember. As I grew my surroundings changed, as well as what I began to see. When girls are young, boys and alcohol don’t really have an effect on us. As girls grow into women those ideas are all too common, presented in front of us almost every day. It is close to impossible to avoid any sort of Looking around my high school and now my college life I see that some girls did not grow up with the word respect driven into their brains as I did. I am on the other hand not at all saying that all my peers have no respect for themselves, or that all men are dogs who just want to see how far they can take a girl. Putting this into easiest terms, why wouldn’t a guy try and get with a girl who portrays or acts as though she has little respect for herself? Intentionally or not what signal do we or are we sending?

I have caught myself on more than one occasion going against the word respect and forcing myself to have to take a step back and realize what is going on. That’s the hard part that many girls and women cannot do. It is easier to flow in with the acts of what is shown on TV and how women are depicted, rather than take a stand and voice an opinion. The message presented to women is that if we parade our sexuality, we will get the man we desire. Having relations with a man on the first night is acceptable and sort of anticipated. The standards have changed so much for women, that being easy and flaunty is acknowledged.

Many shows popular on TV confirm that if women throw themselves on men, drink way too much, or wear close to no clothing they will get what they want. The sad truth is, it’s true, but is it worth it? Is getting a man by throwing yourself on him actually the man you want? Sometimes I feel like it is easier to be like the girls on TV who get the men to gawk at them because of the way they act. Society makes it harder and harder for women to see the correct way of acting in order to know what is the wrong way.

The fact is if I don’t have respect for myself, why would anyone else have respect for me? Why would I expect respect? If people portray themselves as having respect and discipline chances are your beliefs will mirror your decisions. Respect your body and respect your beauty. Flaunt your intelligence not your ASSets.