Life Is Just Too Short

Courtney - Hopkinton, Massachusetts
Entered on September 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in never taking anything for granted. Whether it be a moment in time, an experience, or someone in your life. I believe in appreciating everything and everyone for what they have to offer, because life is just too short. You may not realize how important something or someone can be until later, so why not cherish them now.

I say this because there was a time in my life when I did not truly appreciate things. This all changed on March 26, 2006, when I lost a close friend and her younger brother in a car accident, their lives truly were just too short. No words can describe what I felt that day, or in the weeks and months to follow. I, like all close to my friend Andrea and her brother Josh, felt intense grief and anger, and all my friends and I could keep asking was why.

I do not know how other people answered this question, but in my mind I had to go through that tragedy not only to become a strong person, but to truly appreciate life. I now try to take absolutely nothing for granted, from the gift of life itself, to the wonderful people in my life, to the many other experiences I have been through, because life is just too short. I never again will just go through life thinking that something doesn’t matter or is horrible. I now know that everything and every person in your life has some sort of value.

In my eighth grade history class, which I had with Andrea, towards the end of the school year my teacher asked us to write a letter to her about our experience in eighth grade and our life in general. I have absolutely no idea what I wrote about, but I do know what Andrea wrote, because it is now the model for the way I live my life. Most of her letter was just talking about things we did that year, but at the very end Andrea said this, “So that’s why we cherish the times we have, remember the times we had, and anticipate the times we will have. My motto for life since 8th grade, live a life of love and love the life you live, because each moment lasts for a second then it’s gone with all the rest of them. Every great day has a beginning and an end, life is just a cycle of them. So take care and make sure that the fun in life doesn’t end.”

I now strive to follow Andrea’s words, doing things I never used to do before but should have. From telling the important people in my life how much they truly matter to me, to being a spontaneous, leap before you look kind of person, to always trying to enjoy every minute of my life, to not caring about things that won’t matter tomorrow. Because life truly is just too short.