Art is alive

Sean - Sheridan, Arkansas
Entered on September 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

School always bored me. One plus one is always two, no matter how many different spins you put on it. Inertia will always carry you forward. These are truths and laws of physics and of our world. They cannot and will not change. My early schooling was nothing more than a sequence of such facts. They varied in complexity, but not levels of captivation.

I wasn’t interested because I wasn’t challenged. It doesn’t take much brainpower to memorize algebraic formulas or scientific names of species, just a huge chunk of time. I didn’t study a single day of my high school career . . . until I took Music Theory.

Here was something different, something new. Suddenly two plus eight equaled nine. I was pushed to think it new ways around problems, with a thousand different answers to each. I studied every night. It wasn’t because I was behind; I was engaged. It expanded my mind and valued creativity as I put something new into the world every day. Suddenly I realized what I disliked about my math and science courses. They were dead education. Just follow the rules and stay in the lines that were drawn years ago by people you’ll never meet. Art is alive. You draw your own lines and still have the option to scribble outside them.

I believe in art as the highest form of education. It’s what separates us from all of the other creatures residing in our world. You may argue that math and science are the defining dividers, but isn’t the study of such things nothing more than a means for survival? Our genetically altered vegetables and pills for every ailment were just answers to problems threatening our lives. We had more people than knew how to feed, so we made ways to create more food. Headaches threatened our daily lives, so we developed aspirin. It’s no different from an animal burrowing into the ground to escape its predators, or developing a poisonous coating to make it unappetizing. To create is divine. Art has made us the gods of this world.