Traffic Court is overrated

John - Little Rock, Arkansas
Entered on September 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: injustice

I believe Traffic Court is overrated. In a perfect world we wouldn’t need one. Even in a not so perfect world, I believe we don’t need one. For example, Europe doesn’t have a traffic court, and they have a very intense road system that is more complicated than ours, so why do we have to have a traffic court?

On one hand, the Traffic Court is a good place. It removes some of the reckless and idiotic drivers that are driving around on the road. You know the ones, the 90 mph driver in the 30 mph zone. On occasion we all get a bit frustrated, but the road is nowhere to place that frustration. These drivers are reasons why the police are sitting out there. In my case, where I needed to switch lanes and the driver wouldn’t let me in, I got ticketed for 10 mph over the speed limit, and he slipped away.

On the other hand, the Traffic Court has penalized those of us who have rarely broken the law, but get caught on the smallest infraction, and get very angry because of the fairness in it. But the rules are that if you break the law you receive a ticket, we all know this and have come to understand that we can push our boundaries a bit.

We all know about these boundaries; they may not be written down for everyone to see, but we know them. For instance the three to five miles over the speed limit rule, where the police officers “usually” disregard the infraction, we all use this rule in our driving every day. Yes, we ALL do it. We may not think about it, but who’s perfect? That’s why I believe the Traffic Court is overrated.

If we all make mistakes, I believe that if we learn from them in the slightest way, we can correct our habits without going through the “required” drivers education course that teaches us what we already know. Traffic Court has made these places thrive. Some of these institutions even give kick backs to the court to send people to them; how wrong is that? But we all have our beliefs and one of mine is that Traffic Court is way too overrated. I’ll let you decide what to think of it.